Welcome to Let’s Talk Shazam!


Hi everyone!

I have a web site now, thanks to Jeff Wright at The Shazamcast! (Be sure to follow him on Twitter at @theshazamcast.)

For those who are new to me, hello! My naWHIZ Comics #2me is Carl Shinyama. I run the @LetsTalkShazam Twitter account. I talk about the World’s Mightiest Mortal, the original Captain Marvel on a daily basis. I am simply a Captain Marvel fan who likes to converse with other fans of the character.

Those who follow me on Twitter will know that I began Let’s Talk Shazam! there, but also that I’m now expanding my social media presence. I have branched out to Facebook and Instagram. I have also created a Let’s Talk Shazam! YouTube channel, where I will do daily shows for fans of Captain Marvel. The content of my shows will include trivia, comic reviews, and nonsensical ramblings, though not necessarily in that order. Anything Captain Marvel-related, really.

This web page is going to be an extension of that YouTube channel, only not only will you see all of my videos posted here, but you will also see all of my articles.

The goal is to create a bigger community of Captain Marvel fans. Together, we can celebrate World’s Mightiest Mortals.

See you guys soon! As always, Shazam!





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