Happy Birthday Bill Parker!

Happy Birthday to Captain Marvel co-creator William “Bill” H. Parker, Jr.!

Born on April 1st, 1899, Parker was 40 years old when he co-created Captain Marvel with artist C.C. Beck.

Parker joined Fawcett Publications in 1937, where he would go on to do work as a writer, colorist, and editor. Due to World War II, Parker’s tenure on Captain Marvel comics was short-lived, but he would become no less a notable name in creating the king of superhero powerhouse characters of the 1940’s.

In September of 1939, it was the wish of Fawcett higher-ups to get into the superhero comics genre, so Parker and Beck co-created Captain Marvel, with Parker supplying the ideas and Beck artistically conceptualizing them.

WHIZ Comics #2:
WHIZ Comics #2:

Parker and Beck came up with several different variations of the character. At one point, the character was called Captain Thunder and possessed a lightning tipped wand of vast powers and lightning spurs no his boot. No matter the version, the character was always called Captain Thunder, would be a dual character where his alter ego was a small boy, and his costume would have a military theme due to his title of Captain.

It would be a couple of months until Parker and Beck finally settled on the version that they would publish as Captain Marvel in WHIZ Comics #2, which debuted on newsstands on December 1st, 1939.

Parker passed away in 1963.

Thank you, Mr. Parker, for giving us one of the most endearing and enduring characters today.

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