Finally, An Update To The Shazam! Movie

At last, after almost exactly 11 months since we last had any real updates on the the Shazam! movie’s status, we finally have one.

Unfortunately, the update is a small one, but it is informative.

Umberto Gonzalez, of Heroic Hollywood answered Twitter questions on his show of the same name. One of them was by Paulie Gee, who had a query about the Shazam! movie:

Gonzalez, who has been asked this question an exorbitant number of times, was finally able to answer that question:

“The latest is that [New Line Cinema] is waiting for a draft of the script, okay. Upon delivery, they’re going to go out to directors, to see — to get this package going.”

Like I said, it was a small update, and I would rather an update about actual developments, but it did shine a light on where the movie stood.

Still, if we accept Gonzalez’s comment as true, there are some things that we can derive from the comment.

First, the script appears not to be complete. If that is the case, it makes me wonder if Darren Lemke – who was announced as the writer for the Shazam! movie in September of 2014 and was said by Dwayne Johnson to have half of the script(s) done as of March 2015 – had a prior script rejected and had to re-write it or was let go and they found someone else to either write an entirely new script or touch up Lemke’s script.

I have suspected for a while that a big reason why we have not had any real updates on the progress of the movie was because the script was rejected and that New Line Cinema was or is back to square one. It looks like that could have been or is the case.

Secondly, it appears that the Shazam! movie does not have a director, something that most of us suspected. If so, it means New Line Cinema parted ways with Peter Segal, who was once attached to the movie.

Interestingly, to support that, it has been said that Shawn Levy is the front-runner to direct the Shazam! movie, so we shall see if the proves to be the case.

Lastly, we can be almost certain that without a director or a script, that outside of Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam, New Line Cinema has yet to cast either Billy Batson or Captain Marvel/Shazam.

Check out the video at the 28:35 mark to watch Gonzalez give us the update:

As always, Captain Marvel fans, call down the lightning and post your comments.


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