Fun News: Brandon Molale Still Wants to Play Captain Marvel in the Shazam! Movie

In what began as a usual Tweet-chain from me, where I expressed that I would still be over the moon if Brandon Molale was cast  as Captain Marvel in the Shazam! movie, the man himself favorited a few of those Tweets.

So I asked him if he still wanted to play the role of Captain Marvel. His response?

Brandon Molale
Brandon Molale

Captain Marvel fans with a long memory will remember that Molale – as well as Dwayne Johnson – was once considered for the role of Captain Marvel in 2007, back when Peter Segal was attached to direct and John August was hired to pen the script. Dwayne Johnson was cast as Black Adam, but the project fell through, so any consideration for Molale in the role of Captain Marvel likely fell through with it.

In addition, when Dwayne Johnson let it be known that he was going to be in the Shazam! movie in the summer of 2014 before he announced (again) that he was going to play Black Adam, Molale campaigned on Twitter and Instagram for the role of Captain Marvel.

At that time, Molale stated that he does not care if being cast as Captain Marvel leads to him being typecast for the rest of his life:

(Would you LOOK at that? Molale looks like an Alex Ross painting come to life!)

I’ll admit:  These days, Lou Ferrigno Jr. has been my top choice for the role of Captain Marvel, but Brandon Molale was my long-time dream choice, and I would be beyond ecstatic if he was cast for the role.

In fact, now that I think about it, given my giddy excitement over Molale’s enthusiasm, he is back to being my top choice. Sorry, Lou!

It really makes me happy that after nine years, Molale still badly wants the role. When you think of Johnson and how lived and breathed the role of Black Adam throughout the years, it is the very much the same with Molale; he has very much wanted to play the Big Red Cheese then and through the following years.

(And Warner Bros., if you do not want him as Captain Marvel in the movie(s), at LEAST cast Molale as the World’s Mightiest Mortal in a TV show. The man has both big screen and small screen credentials. He would be great at it!)

As usual, call down the lightning and post comments below, Captain Marvel fans!


2 thoughts on “Fun News: Brandon Molale Still Wants to Play Captain Marvel in the Shazam! Movie

  1. I think having an actor significantly older than Henry Cavill is excellent, too, because it provides more contrast between Superman and Cap (for instance, Cap is more macho than Supes in YJ) and they don’t come off as cheap knockoffs. Which is something that bothers me about recent designs, where Cap has a long cape and an armored belt, which kills the individuality.

  2. Molale would be perfect ! Alan Ritchson would be a good choice, but Molale looks like he’s came out from a book, he’s Shazam!

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