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Shazam! Hope you’re having a Marvel-ous Monday, Captain Marvel fans!

Over the weekend, DC told the fans at NYCC that “Shazam is a priority,” in 2017 only to tell us that we won’t see him right away, with all indications being that if and when they do publish his Rebirth book, it won’t be until after he’s had his part somewhere in the two-year Rebirth story.

That was disappointing to hear.

DC hasn’t published a proper Captain Marvel on-going series since 1999. If DC does indeed publish a Captain Marvel (or Shazam) Rebirth book in 2017, people born in 1999 will have gone their entire childhood without a proper Captain Marvel monthly in the main publishing line.

Think about that.

That’s a very somber idea to digest, isn’t it?

Because of that, I resented that DC has made me wait that long. I also resented that time and again, they told us that they had plans for Captain Marvel, only to either not follow up on it, or delay it yet again. (Same with New Line Cinema for the Shazam! movie, but I’ll digress.) Perpetual anticipation and/or yearning for a series year after year with no tangible payoff is exhausting.

DC owns the character copyright and they can choose whether or not publish him. That is their right. They hold the power.

But then I thought, “What if I took away that power that they have over?”

What if I created a fan comic of the kinds stories of Captain Marvel that I’d want to read? What if I shared them for everyone to read and enjoy?

If DC won’t do it themselves, why can’t I?

More importantly, why shouldn’t I? I can write and draw comics and I enjoy it as much as I enjoy reading comics.

Of course, there is the matter of copyright law, and it is a serious matter. However, fan comics are ubiquitous these days, and DC is known to turn a blind eye to them as long as fans don’t make money off of the fan comics.

There’s no reason to think that DC should or would be opposed to me making a fan comics that I made for myself of my favorite superhero, provided that I am not exploiting the character for tangible or monetary gains or benefits.

Of course, should they serve me with a cease and desist letter, I will comply.

That said, without further ado, I present you my idea from yesterday, WHIZ Comics Reborn!

WHIZ Comics Reborn!
WHIZ Comics Reborn!

(This is merely a mock-up, and definitely not the final look. Expect it to look much more refined when it’s ready.)

Each issue will be a self-contained story ranging from just a few pages to a full-sized comic story consisting of at least 22 pages featuring classic Captain Marvel.

It’ll have everything; a whimsical world with whimsical stories about a pure-hearted boy who says a magic word to become the World’s Mightiest Mortal.

I will definitely have it lettered professionally and may commission a pro colorist to help me out so that it looks perfect. I want it to look like a comic that I’d read and have it printed for myself if I wanted to.

Of course, I’ll make it available for anyone who wants to read it.



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  1. Didn’t Captain Marvel (as he was in those early Fawcett days) lapse into public domain ages ago? So as i understand it, copyright shouldn’t be an issue unless DC thinks you’re using elements of the character introduced after that(such as Billy and Captain Marvel not being seperate entities.

    How’s the first issue coming along?

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