Re: Brandon Molale And The Shazam! Movie: A (Badly Needed) Clarification

Hello, Captain Marvel fans!

Brandon Molale

By now, you will likely have come across Brandon Molale’s social media posts on New Year’s  Eve and New Year’s Day on Twitter (here and here) and Instagram (here and here) in regards to his highly coveted role of Captain Marvel in the 2019 Shazam! movie.

It has resulted in a high number of people thinking that Molale is in talks for the role of Captain Marvel or that he’s up for the role.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, he spoke with someone on New Year’s Eve about the role of Captain Marvel, but what it is that was said is unknown, but we do have a confirmation on what the discussion was about and who it was that he spoke with.

First, a clarification is needed, but before I do that, a little – okay, long – backstory is needed:

Molale has wanted and talked about wanting the role dating all the way back to 2006.

At that time and in the years after, Molale has been a fan-favorite casting choice for Captain Marvel, because he is the one actor who looks like Captain Marvel walked out of an Alex Ross illustration.

In 2007, Molale, along with Dwayne Johnson, were considered for the role of Captain Marvel. That same year, Johnson was talked into considering the role of Black Adam by fans and it was put to a vote. The overwhelming majority of fans (86%) voted for him to play Black Adam, for which he ended up being cast in and has been eagerly waiting to play the role ever since. This left the role of Captain Marvel vacant, and Molale as the only known contender to be considered for it.

Unfortunately, after 2007, the Shazam! movie had several starts and stops, either with delays and at least one cancellation during the following years, forcing it to exist in a perpetual state of development purgatory, including one in which writer John August detailed why the movie failed to get the green-light in 2009.

Fast forward to the Spring of 2014, the New Line Cinema president at the time, Toby Emmerich, announced that (along with several movies featuring several DC properties,) New Line Cinema had the Shazam! in development once more.

Speculation and anticipation for who would play Captain Marvel went rampant. Molale was once again a fan-favorite.

Later that summer, Johnson playfully teased fans that he was involved in the Shazam! movie, leaving many to guess whether he was playing Captain Marvel or Black Adam.

Molale joined in on the fun that summer, too when he publicly campaigned for the role with a strong proclamation:

As it turned out, Johnson was once more confirmed for the role of Black Adam a few weeks later. That same day, taking advantage of the fact that the role of Captain Marvel remained still-vacant, Molale again expressed that desire for the role:

Fast forward again, but this time to June 2016, where he told me he still wanted to play Captain Marvel:

All of this is a long-winded way of saying that the role of Captain Marvel is Molale’s long-time dream role.

Molale wants to play Captain Marvel badly.

Fortunately for him, fate may at last be favoring him, when on this past New Year’s Eve, Molale shared on Twitter that he finally had a conversation he’d waited nine years to have (going back to 2007):

In that tweet, Molale hash-tagged “Shazam” and included Johnson’s Twitter username, @The Rock, suggesting that the conversation with whom he had was with Johnson about the role of Captain Marvel in the upcoming Shazam! movie.

2016 MTV Movie Awards

I know what some of you are thinking: Why would he have the conversation with Johnson specifically, though? What exactly is it that Dwayne Johnson can do for him? Isn’t Johnson just the actor playing Black Adam? The answer is because Johnson is an owner of the production company, Seven Bucks Production, and they are producing the Shazam! movie for New Line Cinema.

This means that if it was indeed Johnson with whom Molale spoke with, Johnson can speak on behalf of it in regards to the Shazam! movie (as he is wont to do from time to time), and from there, any details that he shares with Molale, Molale can act on it.

Indeed, in the Instagram post of the same Nora Roberts quote, Molale provides an expanded statement:

“I don’t know if you call it divine intervention or not, but I believe everything happens for a reason.
Today, I was blessed to have the conversation with somebody I have waited 9 years to have. I said what needed to be said and now it’s time to move on. I asked and let it be known as to what I want. Now it is out of my hands. There are no more excuses for me to make. This was the opportunity I have been waiting for.
2017 is a big year of change for everybody. Today’s opportunity was exactly what I needed to light the fire in me. As I reflect today on the past year, as rough as this year was, I am extremely humble and grateful for all the opportunities I was given. Thanks friends for all your support.
Be humble. Be grateful. Work hard! Happy New Year!
#nomoreexcuses #divineintervention #opportunity #motivation #happynewyear #2017 #shazam #dccomics @dccomics @therock #actor #stuntman #brandonmolale @brandonmolale

There are two key things to take from that:

A) Whoever Molale spoke with, he made it known what it is that he’s long wanted, and now he’s being given the opportunity to do so. No more, no less. Note that he mentions that it’s lit a fire in him to make it happen. This likely means that Molale was indeed given information on which he can act upon.

This is supported by the very image he posts, which quotes Nora Roberts:

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it.
If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.
If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.
– Nora Roberts”

B) Like he did on Twitter, Molale also hash-tagged “Shazam” and included Johnson’s username. And like we could on Twitter, we can surmise that the person that Molale spoke with was Johnson and the conversation was in regards to the role of Captain Marvel. When you combine that with the fact that the timeline of nine years (which goes back to 2007), the fact we know that he’s wanted the role of Captain Marvel since then, and that Johnson’s company is producing the Shazam! movie, we can safely hypothesize, if not conclude that it was indeed Johnson that Molale spoke with and that it was in regards to the role of Captain Marvel.

However, despite the evidence, these deductions were speculative. We had no definitive answer on just who Molale spoke with and what it is they talked about.

Fortunately, Molale dropped more hints the next day, on New Year’s Day. This time, Molale posted a combo picture of New 52 Shazam, the famous picture of him rocking the Captain Marvel T-shirt at what appears to be a premiere of Jamie Kennedy’s Kickin’ It Old Skool, and another one of him in top physique.

This one is very telling. Though Molale doesn’t reveal any new information, we can see that he tells us to set our goals and make it happen, presumably because he is going to do the same.

Which goals, though? It would appear that the hashtags “Shazam” and “motivation” and the photo within provide us with an implicative answer.

If so, then when we combine the new information with the one above it, in which Molale tells us that he was given an opportunity for which he’s long desired, and for which it lit a fire under him and that on both occasions, he uses the same hashtags, we can safely conclude this is the same motivation about a certain opportunity for which he speaks: The opportunity to earn the chance to play the role of Captain Marvel.

Also, note that Molale includes his location at the time of that Tweet: Equinox.

Not the astronomical event, mind you, but the fitness gym located in California, where Molale resides.

From that nugget of information, we can deduce that he’s begun or resumed training his physique. If so, then we can now guess that a part of Molale’s conversation was:

“Get back in top shape, and we’ll talk.”

By Alex Ross

It would make sense. The role of Captain Marvel does not yet belong to anyone, and if it does go to anyone, it should be someone whose physique resembles Captain Marvel’s impressive muscularity, especially in this day and age where superhero actors have set the standards such that they must possess such physiques. Molale’s physique is not what it once was, so he’d have to hit the gym to regain his former muscularity. This criteria could easily be the goal that Molale has set for himself.

Thus far, here’s the score: We know that Molale has wanted his dream role of Captain Marvel badly, and that we can safely assume that he may have finally had the conversation he’s waited to have since 2007, when he was last considered for the role, and that he’s now being given the opportunity to earn it, possibly by Johnson himself.

So where’s the confusion? These are all things that you, the reader, can easily figure out for yourself. What’s the purpose of this article?

Well, the problem is that since Molale’s posts on social media on New Year’s Even and on New Year’s Day, some geek sites, none of which I will name, published misleading headlines, such as this one: “Brandon Molale In Talks For Shazam.”

Such a headline clearly implies that Molale is in negotiations or partaking in some official dialogue for the role of Captain Marvel, even if the article does nothing more than speculate about what his posts on New Year’s Even and New Year’s Day meant, like we did above. The problem is that the headline is not true. At all. And that’s why I’m writing this article. I’m going to clear the proverbial air on it.

You see, Molale did not specifically say that he was in talks for the role of Captain Marvel. He says nothing about any negotiations being had by either himself or another party in regards to him in playing the role. All he said was that expressed a long-time interest of his and now was being given an opportunity. Nothing less, nothing more.

Yes, Molale provided hints, the dots of which we can all easily connect to form a very solid, working hypothesis. However, I repeat that despite the evidence, we can only speculate. We cannot objectively reach a conclusion.

So, as you can imagine, when misinformation is posted on the internet, an uncontrollable digital wildfire becomes ablaze in the time it takes to Retweet it. It takes on a hydra effect, where when you cut off one head, two more takes its place. It can only be combated with facts and evidence against it.

A few acquaintances of mine have pointed me out to at least one such article and I’ve had to shoot them down. Unfortunately, the damage has been done. The hydra of misinformation has nested itself in too many minds.

Indeed, Molale himself had to combat the misinformation today, this time going to the length of actually explicitly stating who he spoke with on New Year’s Eve and of what they spoke of; his interest in the role of playing Captain Marvel:

When I reached out to Molale about the subject with an offer to relay a message to fans, he reaffirmed his Tweet above:

“I have spoken to Dwayne. He knows my passion and desire to play [Captain Marvel/Shazam]. I have waited nine years to speak to him regarding this. I have wanted to play this character for over 11 years now. There’s nothing else I can do; it’s all above my pay grade… I will do this character the justice it deserves.”

See? Molale simply expressed his desire for the role to Dwayne Johnson (and the opportunity being given to him to earn it, if his New Year’s Eve posts are any indication).

Unfortunately, though he said it was a good one, Molale said he is keeping the rest of his conversation with Johnson private.

And that is all we need to know.

Nothing more, nothing less.

And though it has been a long wait, and many fans are growing impatient with the lack of news, including yours truly, we must be patient. Everything will come to us in good time.

The irresponsible headlines that were published should not have led Molale to feel the need to confirm that it was indeed Johnson he spoke with and that it was about the role of Captain Marvel, even if it is the kind of positive news we want. We do not need to consume every bit of information. Just be patient and let the news come when they do.

Molale deserves to have the context of his posts on social media placed in the proper context.

The unfortunate part is that even when I post this article, the hydra will still be out there.

At the very least, you, the reader, will not be misinformed.

As always, call the down the lightning, Captain Marvel fans!


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  1. You know what I would love? Just absolutely love?

    I want the studios, producers, writers, fans, EVERYONE to get behind Molale (or whomever, really), desperate to have him play the part, only to be told “yes, I will do it, but only if you call him Captain Marvel in the film.”

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